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Go to Ageless 20-21 Mar 2019

Ageless 20-21 Mar 2019

A premier of a National Theatre Connections play called Ageless. This intriguing one act play by Benjamin Kuffour is about a miracle drug that keeps its users looking perpetually teenage and explores how society could then support those who are genuinely young

Go to Flour Babies 22-23 Mar 2019

Flour Babies 22-23 Mar 2019

Flour Babies by Anne Fine.  This one act play tells the story of an underachieving class and what happens when they are assigned a special science project.

Go to Ordinary Days 22-23 Mar 2019

Ordinary Days 22-23 Mar 2019

Ordinary Days is a one act musical set in New York, follows four characters, Claire, Jason, Warren and Deb, exploring how their ordinary lives connect in the most amazing ways.


Pump House Children & Youth Theatre
Established in 1974, we are an open access, volunteer run drama group

Pump House CYT is a volunteer run open access Youth drama group that has been going for over 40 years. Our aim is to provide young people of all backgrounds the opportunity to perform on stage. We strive to achieve the highest standards possible while keeping an enjoyable, learning environment.

We do several productions a year including everything from mimes & improvisation through to large scale musicals. We have two sections – Children (8-14 years) and Youth section (14-25 years) that each meet once week (and more often for some production rehearsals). We regularly take part in local drama festivals, the National Theatre Connection festival and occasional we take productions to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

We do not offer any exams or formal training but our members gain confidence and presentation skills that they take onto their future lives. However some of our past members have gone on to professional careers in acting, music and other media.

For more information or to put your child on our waiting list please contact us.

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