July 4, 2019

Jet Set Go!

12 Oct 2019 5pm – Part of the Watford Fringe Festival
Pump House Theatre, Watford

Tickets available at watfringe.co.uk

An award winning British comedy musical about the antics of a transatlantic cabin crew and their two pilots who fly to New York and back. After this show you will never look at a cabin crew in the same way again.

A delightful, inventive and witty new musical about 24 hours in the ordinary working life of a transatlantic airline cabin crew; sex, romance, optimism and jaded cynicism are thrown together into a bitchy, campy but essentially tender-hearted cocktail. “Jet Set Go! is one of those rare, unexpected delights that enliven any Fringe… a production that’s warm, funny and wonderfully scored… ”   * * * * The Scotsman